Tuesday, April 29, 2008

About Us

Since 1977, 1-800 CAR CASH ®, America ’s #1 car buying service has been dedicated to paying you top dollar for your vehicle. It is the easiest and fastest way to sell your car. We will buy any year, make, or model. American or Foreign, even if it's financed or leased. 

When you arrive at 1-800 CAR CASH ®, our professional staff will appraise your vehicle for the highest possible price. Customers ask..."How fast can I sell my car?" Most transactions take less than 20 minutes. We do all the paperwork, plate removal and pay you top dollar on the spot! 

Appearance, market demand, mileage, options, and color determine value. We know where, when and how much to adjust “Cash Appraisal Values” accordingly.

Message from 1-800 CAR CASH ®

Founded 1977

Thank you for your interest in 1-800 CAR CASH ®. We hope this information will assist you in making your future automotive decision.

We founded 1-800 CAR CASH ® in 1977. It’s founding was with the intention to fill a void in the automotive marketplace: the opportunity to sell your vehicle and receive the highest possible price without any fuss, and no obligation to purchase another vehicle. Since 1977 we have dramatically grown and expanded our markets. We have steadily increased our position and buying power. Private owners, new & used car dealers, leasing companies, importers, exporters wholesalers and other related industries all depend on and use 1-800 CAR CASH ® for reliability and top price.

Highest Possible Price

We can assure you that 1-800 CAR CASH ® will always offer you our highest possible cash price for your vehicle. You are guaranteed immediate payment. We are always in short supply of quality vehicles to satisfy our highest paying markets. We must pay you top dollar. 

Discover why tens of thousands of car owners have sold their vehicles to 1-800 CAR CASH ®, the original registered trademark.

Thanks again for your interest.

Bruce Baron
Founder & President

Jonathan Baron
General Manager

Andrew Baron
Marketing & Sales

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