Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Before selling a car, owners may be apprehensive about how much they can actually get for their car, truck, or SUV. The cause of such apprehension has many facets. First, selling a car privately could be difficult, requiring owners to haggle with private buyers and being forced to settle on a less than ideal price for the sake of closing a sale. Another cause for worry about how much cash the vehicle can earn is the fact that trading in a vehicle at a dealer may be less of a hassle, but unfortunately your vehicle is likely to be grossly undervalued.

At 1-800 Car Cash, car owners can avert these two options which can either result in a waste of money or time or perhaps even both. With 1-800 Car Cash, your car can be sold 25 minutes or less, and we provide the best appraisal values in the business. Don’t believe us? Check out our Instant Quote tool. In less than one minute, this tool will give you an estimation of how much cash you could expect by selling your vehicle to 1-800 Car Cash.

1-800 Car Cash is the top car buying service in the country. But some potential Car Cash customers still want to know a little more about the company and what it does. In a nutshell, Car Cash will pay anyone top dollar for their vehicle. Whether it’s a car, truck, van, SUV, we make it easy for you to sell you car.

Established in 1977, 1-800 Car Cash appraises vehicles from car sellers and offers the highest price possible whether the vehicle is new, used, leased or financed. Once the price is agreed upon, Car Cash gets vehicle owners in and out with cash as fast as possible, usually in under 25 minutes!

1-800 Car Cash Appraisal Value is based on numerous factors including the condition of the vehicle, market demand for the make and model, the mileage of the vehicle, options, and the vehicle’s color.

Over the years, car sellers and car buyers have come to rely on 1-800 Car Cash for offering quality vehicles and tremendous value. 1-800 Car Cash invites car sellers to bring in their vehicle for a free cash appraisal which will help you get the most cash for your vehicle.

Many customers find the 1-800 Car Cash website or hear about us from a friend or colleague and immediately ask about our unique solution to selling a car.

As we offer the highest possible price for a vehicle, the biggest question potential customers ask is whether that’s really true. The simple answer is yes. We are the top buyer in the country and supply used vehicles for the top markets, which means we are always in need for cars and are willing to offer stronger prices for them compared with selling privately or trading in.

Another common concern is how long the process of selling a car to 1-800 Car Cash takes. As many people know, selling a car on your own can be a long process of hunting down buyers. And even then, you may have to compromise on your price to get encourage potential offers. With 1-800 Car Cash, vehicle owners can sell their car in 25 minutes or less! The top value appraisal and all of the necessary paper work is quick and easy.

In addition to selling privately, car owners also have the option of doing a dealer trade in when purchasing a new car. Many customers wonder whether or not they can get better deal elsewhere. What dealers don’t want car sellers to know is that trading a vehicle in almost guarantees the lowest amount of money for the vehicle. With 1-800 Car Cash, we’re not looking to adjust the value of your trade in based on the deal we’re cutting on the back end. We give you the maximum value of what your car is actually worth, it’s that simple.

1-800 Car Cash is quite possibly the best way to sell your vehicle. One of the ways that we make the car selling process easy is by offering unmatched convenience. Our customers will have their car sold in 25 minutes or less. Selling it privately can’t match that. So next time you take out a second or third classified ad in hopes of selling your car, reconsider and take it to 1-800 Car Cash.

In addition to the convenience and the time savings, the best part about selling your car with 1-800 Car Cash is that we will give you the highest possible price for the vehicle. No need to haggle with private buyers, no need to give up value in a dealer trade in, 1-800 Car Cash gets you top dollar for your vehicle and provides immediate payment.

But the benefits of 1-800 Car Cash could be better explained with our advertisements. Our advertisements highlight the unique advantages to selling your vehicle with us and might even make you chuckle! Check out our ads and see how we can help save you valuable time and money.

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