Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Ads

Listen To Some Of Our Award Winning Radio Ads.

Title: Answering Machine

Title: Anxiety

Title: Big City

Title: Blind Date

Title: Buy / Sell

Title: Car Cash Jingle

Title: Guy Love

Title: Imitators

Title: Insane

Title: Love

Title: Opie + Anthony

Title: Phone Calls

Title: Playboy

Title: Right Guy

Title: Strangers

1-800 CAR CASH ® is the best way to sell your vehicle. We make the car selling process easy by offering unmatched convenience, expert service and of course the highest possible prices. Most transactions take less than 20 minutes. Selling it an other way can't match that. So next time you take out a second or third classified ad in hopes of selling your car, reconsider and take it to 1-800 CAR CASH ®.

In addition to the convenience and the time savings, the best part about selling your car with 1-800 CAR CASH ® is that we will offer you the highest price possible. No need to haggle with private buyers and especially giving up value in a dealer trade-in. 1-800 CAR CASH ® gets you top dollar for your vehicle and provides immediate payment.

1-800 CAR CASH ® is The Brand Name in automotive buying. Don't be confused or misled by copycats or imitators. There is ONLY ONE 1-800 CAR CASH ®. The one and only ORIGINAL Trademarked car buying service since 1977.

The benefits of 1-800 CAR CASH ® may be better explained with some of our popular radio commercials. They highlight the unique advantages to selling your vehicle with us and might even make you chuckle! Check out our ads and see how we can help save you valuable time and money. Many of these spots have won awards and recognized for their creativity.

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